Thematics is a two months residency program around a given theme curated by Lilia Mestre / Bains Connective. During this period, 3 or 4 artists are invited to share their work and their ideas. BC creates a start up context by providing studios, inviting other artists, lecturers and other relevant participants to collaborate and contribute to the research. As a basic exchange, we organize jumpstart weekly meetings with the group and two Planktons (public moments) where the artists can share their work in the format of their choice. Aside from this basic structure, we work in very close relationship to the participants in order to bring to fruition what emerges from their processes.

We use personal interviews to follow and record the artists’ processes to create a written publication that reflects the experience of each Thematics residency. These in house publications are a working tool that reflects the necessity to articulate, put into discourse and share artistic processes, methodologies and opinions.

The program started in the former location of BC (old swimming pool of forest) in 2007 and became a major activity of Bains Connective since we are located at the community Center Ten Weyngaert.
From 2010 the Thematics program is documented in a written brochure that you can consult on line or acquire.