RECOmmerce started in 2014 as a project curated by Bains Connective in collaboration with the Commune of Vorst – department of Dutch-speaking affairs.

RECOmmerce will continue in 2015 and 2016 in the frame of Contrat de Quartier/ Duurzaam Wijk Contract and in collaboration with Arennal vzw and the Commune of Vorst – department of Dutch-speaking affairs.

Several artists will use some shops in the Square St Denijs in Vorst / Forest to share their work with the inhabitants and passers by. The project wants to give focus to the locality and explore the relation of art and public outside of the conventions of the theater or the museum.
Place St. Denjs is a square full of life where many shops open their doors daily offering services to the neighbourhood.

People shop, cross the square, have a coffee or catch the sun, kids play, markets take place and so life goes on amidst a big transit of people and intentions.

The square in the urban plan is the perfect place for encounter between different audiences and communities and RECOmmerce wants with playfulness to take this frame to introduce art and cultural activism as a strategy for exchange and share.

The invited artists work with inter-subjective setups to interact with their audience, they investigate the public space in order to develop new forms of collaboration between art and daily life. With playfulness and generosity the RECOmmerce wants to raise and gain attention to the ecology and economy we are living in and that frames our lives.

Last edition took take place between the 29th october and the 22nd november 2015.