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Jonas Chéreau / Madeleine Fournier
Jonas Chéreau & Madeleine Fournier (FR) - choreography and dance

After studying « History » in university, Jonas Chéreau entered the new programme for professional dancers at CNDC in Angers. Through his training programme, he met and collaborated with Vera Mantero, Loic Touzé, Emmanuelle Huynh, Thierry Baë, Shelley Senter and Ko Murobushi.
As an interpreter, he has been working with Daniel Larrieu, Laure Bonicel, Om prod and Lilia Mestre. Last summer he collaborated with Boris Charmatz for the All Cunningham project in the frame of Impulstanz festival in Vienna. Besides his activity as a performer, he leads a project of dance workshops in collaboration with CNDC of Angers. Jonas is now collaborating with Madeleine Fournier for the project Les interprètes ne sont pas à la hauteur.

Madeleine Fournier was born in 1987 in Paris and currently lives in Paris. She trained from 1998 in contemporary dance at Conservatoire Régional de Paris (CNR) and got graduated in 2005. She entered in CNDC d’Angers (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine) in 2005, where she met Vera Mantero, Ko Murobushi, Loïc Touzé and Shelley Senter and Isabelle Launay. Since 2007 she has been working with Odile Duboc (Rien ne laisse présager de l’état de l’eau, Trois Boléros, Insurrection) Anna Konjetzky (Tagebuch), Laure Bonicel (Bad Seeds), Emmanuelle Huynh (Cribles) and Fabrice Lambert (Solaire). She also develops her own research with the project Les interprètes ne sont pas à la hauteur in collaboration with Jonas Chéreau that has been invited for residencies in France (La Métive, CNDC d’Angers, Ménagerie de verre), Belgium (Bains connective), and performed in Elaine Levy project’s galery in Brussels.

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