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Shizuka Hariu
scenographer (JP/B)

(1) To make models for the exhibition in Leeds in 2010.
Research title (PhD research held in London and Leeds from 2003 to 2008.) ‘between imaginary and concrete’ Scenography for contemporary dance.
This research is focused on two particular interrogations of the relationship between contemporary dance and space design (Scenography) within the context of recent western (particularly Flemish- Belgian and British) dance practice. These interrogations were conducted as a practice led research project over a period of five years and five realised performance projects of widely differing scale and significance in terms of the particular area of the contemporary dance landscape to which they contributed. In the final stage of my research, I am preparing the exhibition in Leeds in 2010
I would like to make models of my four or five scenography while I do residence in Bains Connective. It includes one performance ‘Rabbit Hole’ which had a support from Bains Connective in 2005. (I invited artist Estelle Rullier and other assistants to support my model making process.)

2) To do a research about ‘Hilarious cityscape in Brussels’ in collaboration with Architect Shin Hagiwara. (V+) The research abstract; we would like to make a catalogue based research
about ‘Funny Brussels cityscape and architecture’. As a first study in Les Bain Connective, we will take photographs and start write about this cross-cultural city as foreigners. It will be observed as a
foreigners’ eye but also the local eye to introduce how Brussels has been changing rapidly and what is significant difference between Brussels and Tokyo where we would like to do the research also to
discover funny part of Tokyo cityscape. Indeed, it is not only introducing great architectures, but also making a catalogue of old charming architecture or strange combination of historical architecture and HLM and the effect of the renovation works to contribute to local habitants.

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