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Ilse Ermen
(D) - Visual/ conceptual artist

Ilse Ermen is both working with visual art and language. After her studies of fine arts in Paris she accomplished studies of linguistics and eastern languages in Berlin and Basel. Her work is mostly conceptual though materialized in objects. Lately, she performs readings of her own texts. The focus can be either on visualized forms of language, or on the implicit text contained in an image. Through her experimental games with given texts, Ermen aims to deconstruct the process of perception and to subvert meaning by decontextualizing the message. Central in her work are issues as ambiguity, veracity, truisms and common places, true and false memories.

The artist regularly exposes and performs in Basel (Switzerland) and surroundings, as well as in Germany. In 2009 she participated in the SPA (Some Political Art) project at les Bains::Connective, in 09, she had a reading performance at "The Ever Mass Land's" closing session (Nadine/Brussels).
She is also committed to different artist's run spaces, like "eiskalt" and Ausstellungsraum Klingental (Basel), and anyway interested in artist's movements and initiatives.


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