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Michael Northam
(USA) - Music, performance

°1970, Murray, Utah, USA
Michael Northam has from earliest memory a fascination with geographical distances and unfamiliar expanses. From the cultural void of middle america he has pursued a spiraling trajectory of artistic activity arriving at sound as an ultimate expression of his essential intention—that which approaches a total expression of an internal space touching upon perceptions beyond that of the eyes—towards a total 'body-space' perception. Since a one-way ticket to Europe in 1991 he has pursued a life-art activity of geo-cultural nomadism. Having by now visited, worked with, and learned from over 90 artists from over 50 locations in 25 countries. His current focus has been to research further the physical phenomena of sound, the relations between visual and sonic composition as well as finding and practicing links back to 'musical' forms while keeping intentions firmly rooted in his personal vision. His work has been presented in over 15 countries with CDs published on four continents. Currently exploring life in Brussels while keeping tenuous ties to a studio in Epesses, Switzerland. [further information : http://preg.org/~mnortham]

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