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Danser, choreograaf

Curriculum Julien Bruneau
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Briefwisseling met Alix de Morant
Curriculum Julien Bruneau
Residentie in B::C - Seconde main
Residentie in BC - phréatiques

Graduated from La Cambre (national visual art school – Bruxelles) where he was interested in involving both consciousness and body in his artistic research (body drawings, installations, performances). Way that lead him towards dance, his main activity since 2000.

His approach to dance is nourished by butoh (a.o. Min Tanaka, Pé Vermeersch), contemporary dance, improvisation (instantaneous composition and contact improvisation), yoga Iyengar (Stefan Dreher, Cecilia Bove), Body Mind Centering, theatre (from Grotowski’s heritage) several martial art and a continuous lonely work.

From June 2001 to April 2003, follows the dancer and choreographer Christine Quoiraud in his project Walk and Dance. Involvement beside a singular artist that lead from apprenticeship towards artistic collaboration (“ duodiptyquemarcheetdanse ”)

Since January 2003, creates his own pieces – a.o. the solo’s “centaure : une flaque animale de miel brun (avec des poils dedans)” and “vrac pli”.

In 2004 is actor for theatre director Claude Schmitz and dancer for the choreographer Stefan Dreher with who he is still working. During the same year, participates to Alain Platel ’s project in Palestine ; beginning 2005 collaborates to the research group Paul Deschanel.

Besides is also co-founder and member of a male dance improvisation group (with a.o. Kurt Koegel, Pierre-Yves de Jonghe, Boris Cossio) and initiator of a visual art project for dancers : applying to drawing the process of collective improvisation.

His new project “ oint. oint. “ concerns the links and differences between the process of writing and the process of dance. With the collaboration of the author Alix de Morant.
01 02 2006

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