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Cv deelnemers Instructions
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Cv deelnemers Instructions
Residentie in B::C - Instructions (okt. '06)

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Sara Manente studied Communication Sciences in the University of Bologna and, as researcher, Dramaturgy of Flemish Contemporary Dance in the University of Antwerp. She studied classical and contemporary dance in her home town, Spinea (Venezia), Bologna, Madrid and Brussels. She worked as dramaturge assistant for Jan Fabre in Belgium, as dramaturge for Maria Stamenkovic Herranz in Spain and Portugal and as a journalist for the Italian theater-dance magazine “Prima Fila”, in Belgium and Avignon. In Brussels, she created and performed, together with Marcos Simoes, two pieces: “Palindrome” and “Eye in the sky”. After founding Eve vzw/asbl, with other five choreographers based in Brussels, she is now working in her new project: “Instructions”.

Santiago Ribelles Zorita studied in the High School of Drama in Valencia (Spain). During this four years education he began to take contemporary dance classes and participated in physical theatre dance pieces. Afterwards he moved to Brussels and took several classes with different dancers and choreographers, and some stages where he met and worked with Marc Vanruxt, Barbara Manzetti, Nicole Mossoux, Thomas Hauert, etc. After two years he aimed European Dance Development Center in Arnhem and studied the first year regular course before the School changed from release related techniques to modern dance. He came back to Valencia, where, after some experiences in professional theatre, started to build up his own work doing a small performative piece and a dance piece “La Pasión”, in two years. Nowadays he lives in Brussels, looking for possibilities to show his works.

Kyung Ae Ro studied dance in Su Won University in Korea. After graduating, she worked with Laughing Stone Dance Company for five years as a dancer. Then she went to Netherlands to study in EDDC (European Dance Development Center) to start to work as a choreographer. At this moment she participated in the ITS festival in Amsterdam and performed at Art Gallery Beam and Marienburgkapel in Nijimegen. Later she moved to Brussels where she created the dance piece “Facet”, presented in Muiderpoorttheater in Amsterdam and Jacques Franck in Brussels. She lives in Brussels and is now working on her new project with Jaime Llopis Segarra.

Noberto Llopis Segarra studied dance in "El Institut Del Teatre" in Barcelona. In Brussels, he followed the training classes in Raffinerie, Ultima Vez studio, Michéle-Anne de Mey studio and Laster studio. He worked as a dancer-performer for: Oniria teatre, Damian Muñoz Company, and other young choreographers. He made two pieces in Bains::Connective: the dance solo "Genuino" and the dance-video "Impertinente". At the moment he lives in Amsterdam were he is doing the master course DasArts and where he created his two last pieces: the video "Cosita" and "Naturaleza Muerta"; at the same time he is studying Philosophy in Uned (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia).

Varinia Canto Vila studied dance in her home town, Santiago de Chile, and later on in P.A.R.T.S., directed by Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker. After graduating, she worked mainly as a dancer for Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart, Lilia Mestre, Christelle Fillot & Yukiko Shinosaki and other young choreographers. Since and during this time she worked on her solos “The making of” and “Seulement pour le plaisir des yeux” and collaborated in installation works with the visual artists Kurt d’Haeseleer. She works and lives in Brussels.

Marcos Simoes made his studies in civil engineer at Lisbon, at the same time he was actor in different amateur theater groups. His dance education started in Amsterdam, where he took several classes and workshops. He moved to Spain where he studied contemporary dance at the University Miguel Hernandez in Altea, which gave him also the opportunity to start his own work with the dance-video “Ma vie en rose” and other performances. In Brussels he continued his dance education as a free lancer and worked as a dancer in "The song of silence and you" by Jordi Gali. In the last two years he worked with Sara Manente for their own creations: "Palindrome" and "Eye in the sky".

Christophe Albertijn was a founding member of the improvised music group Bateau Lavoir, before he studied Documentary film at Sint Lukas, Brussels and Electro-acoustic Music composition with Joris De Laet at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. He performed solo live electronics and guitar in North Six (Brooklyn), The Warehouse (Washington), Worm (Rotterdam), Centre civic can Filipa (Barcelona) and as a collaborator at De Singel (de nachten/ Antwerpen), STEIM (Amsterdam) and others. Recently, he has worked with dancers Uiko Watanabe, Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes, composing and performing music for their performances and has released a solo recording on Follyofyouth. He currently lives in Antwerp, where he works as a sound-engineer.

Hadas Cna’ani studied copywriting, scriptwriting and drawing in Israel, before joining the Fashion Design and Art Theory Department at the College of Fine Art in Antwerp for two years. She worked as a stylist in television, for fashion magazines and in the Haifa Museum of Art (Yael Shenberger’s ‘Getting Dressed’ and Rona Yafman’s ‘The Clown’à). She participated as assistant for the Harry Smith Tribute at Knitting Factory, NYC. She designed costumes for Gil Shani’s Installation ‘Helena’, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art and for two dance performances: “Liyaco” and “Eye in the Sky”, Brussels, Belgium.
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