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Residence in B::C - Instructions (Oct. '06)
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Residence in B::C - Instructions (Oct. '06)

The project consists in writing a series of instructions to make solos.

The series of instructions aims to be an independent system: independent from the people involved and from their geographical distance. For obvious reasons, the project will be able only to tend (→) to its own independency.

The instructions belong to different categories:

- physical for dance and movement;
- philosophical for more intellectual reflections, quotes and simple thoughts;
- political for imperatives, actions in everyday life.

1. The instructions will be weekly available on an internet forum and they will be the same for each participant. The participants can use the instructions as they want and they can work and be whether they wish. They are free to create their solo until the end of the creative process but they have to give weekly feedback in the same internet forum.

Instructions and feedbacks can be in different format: written sentence, music, audio comment, drawing, picture, video… but the feedbacks cannot be an extract of the solos: anything of the solos must not be shown to any participants until the end of the first part of the creative process.

2. After four months of debate in the forum (instructions and feedbacks), the participants will meet and work to put the solos together on stage. The misé en scène can be collaborative but under the direction of the instructions-writer, who is the final decision-maker. Each performance can be different, according to the space, the time of rehearsals and the decisions of the participants.

3. Part of the project consists also in publish the debate of the internet forum, by Kaboom!Press, New York. The publication will be available during the performance and in selected bookshops or libraries.

The project is thought to highlight and question some issues about dance and politics today:

Decision making and decision makers:

How do you take decision alone?
How do you take decision in a creative situation?
Can you take decision alone?
Is it possible to take decision together?
To take decision VS not to take decision or VS just do?
Is it more important how the decision is taken or why?
Is there an artistic interest in the moment before the decision making?

To take decision does not imply to have different possibilities and so the freedom to decide?
Is this freedom complete or real?
Do we have or know all the possibilities?
Are we free or able to decide?
Is this knowledge or freedom available to everybody?
Who can decide?
Who can just choose?
How make “to take decision” an obligation?
How can the instructions-writer give space to each participant?

Limits of communication and language:

How does each participant interpret and use the instructions?
Can you translate a verbal instruction into movement?
Does it make any sense to translate a verbal instruction into movement?
And for who?
Ask the same question for each combination of languages: music-movement, picture-video, written statement-dance etc.

How will the different solos become meaningful once we put them together?
To which point can we leave an art-work “open” to the interpretation of the audience?
And why?
Can we control the “openness” of our art-work?
Where is the end of an art-work?

Which are our limits: culture, body, knowledge, frame, money, language?
Can we still communicate?
What can we communicate one each other?
What can we share together?

Dance as labour:

Which is the power relationship between the choreographer and the dancers?
Which are the responsibilities of the choreographer?
Which are the responsibilities of the dancers?
Which are their responsibilities during the creative process?
Is the choreographer the one who creates?
Is the one who just gives a special energy, an atmosphere to work?

Which is the lifestyle of a dancer?
Can a dancer have a normal life?
Does a dancer have to be “nomad”?
Is there a network of dancers in Europe?
Can we create a network in geographical distance?
Can we work as dancers and keep on living in our cities or our countries?
Which is the geography of contemporary dance?

Individuals and community:

Which kind of rules can organize a group of individuals?
What is a group of individuals not organized in a collective?
Can a community respect individual choices?
How can we have artistic freedom?
Which is the alternative to anarchy?


The debate (instructions-feedbacks) will take place in an internet forum in the web site of Bains::connective (Brussels, Belgium), from May to August 2006.

Performances on the 20th and 21st of October 2006 in Bains::connective (Brussels, Belgium), with rehearsals from the 1st till the 6th till the 19th of October. www.bains.be.

Performance on the 5th of November 2006 in Monty (Antwerp, Belgium), with rehearsals from the 23rd of October till the 5th of November. www.monty.be.
04 10 2006

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