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Sauna in Exile
In this performance / installation you are invited to experience a sauna ritual

This performance/installation starts out from the trite image associated with the Nordic identity: the sauna. The sauna as an image of our transient culture. The limited audience enter through the changing rooms, and will be handed out towels, bathrobes and slippers. Personal belongings will be kept safe and dry during the whole visit and experience.
On the inside both audience and performers will alter between sauna, showers, relaxation space and bar, and at the same time visit several installations proposed in warm or cold spaces inside the building of the old swimmingpool of Bains::Connective.
Architecture, temperature, light, image and performance fuse together into a single choreographic environment. You may choose among the stated opening hours when you prefer to start your journey into the sauna.

The audience and the performers are sharing the same experience; privacy and comfort are guaranteed to allow the appropriate intimacy. One of the aims is to explore how the physical experience of taking a sauna can influence our mental state. Does our perception of time, intimacy and eventually identity – alter through this experience?

Visitors and performers rotate in a cycle between dressing rooms, showers, sauna, chill out room, bar. At the same time several installations can be visited. Architecture, temperature,.
light, visuals and performances are choreographed into one environment.

Does it change our way of perception?
Do you interpret a theatrical action or a video installation differently after taking a sauna?
Can exposure to extreme heat literally melt away some of our preconceptions?
Can time be stretched or amplified?

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