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Een telepatische chaos machine?

Technische fiche - single
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Inner Lives of a Sleeper
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Technische fiche - single

“Singing candle” (Zingende kaars) – part of 'Inner Lives of a Sleeper'
Simple version with 1 candle/speaker


The movement (flickering) of a candle light is detected by a light sensor. This signal is amplified and fed to a hanging loudspeaker closeby the candle. The sound (air movement) in it's turn influences the flame, creating a unpredictable feedback system. Small influences from the environment (people moving, breathing...) trigger the resonance to start or stop.

The room should be silent and completely dark.
Preferably a blackbox is made with black tissue, and the floor is covered by a carpet.
Minimal surface: 4x4 m². Height: preferably > 4 m.
The installation is positioned in the middle and needs 2 hanging points (one pipe).
At the entrance a passage lock should allow the spectators to enter & leave the room so that the outside light doesn't hit the sensor.
The spectator is invited to either stand or sit on the pillows on the floor – playing with the candle or just listening to the sound.
An artificial light would create an ugly 50Hz buzz through the speaker. It is possible to light the (entrance of the) space with light on DC (eg. batteries or power supply).
Ouside the visitors may fill out an enquête around the sleep/breath, on paper or possibly online, at a table – as well having some books to read or just sit there on chairs or pillows.

What we need:
1 professional amplifier (low frequencies!) min. 300 W mono (we can provide this)
1 mixing console (1 in 1 out) with good microphone preamp with phantom power (we can provide this)
Dimmed light and passage lock for entrance
1 diagonal pipe or other solution for hanging the speaker
1 fire extinguisher
1 person to check and replace the candle when necessary (visitors could blow out the candle though this has not happened yet)
Wood or construction pipes and black tissue (molton) to make the blackbox and entrance
A dark carpet to cover the whole floor.
5 to 10 cushions (light color) to sit on
A table and some chairs for the survey

What we bring:
1 loudspeaker, hanging on two electric wires
1 compressor-limitor when necessary
1 candlelight on a base
a light sensor (LDR) with XLR exension cords
extra candles
30 01 2006

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