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Empreinte: afdruk / indruk
An audiovisual installation
of Mariane Cosserat
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Concept and realisation: Mariane Cosserat
Artistic collaborations:
Scenography: Hege Pċlsrud
Sound: Vincent Malstaf

What are the prints that leave the inhabitants in their street? What prints leaves the street on the inhabitants?
One street of Brussels, not too large but not too small, with a moving population, but also sedentary, individual houses, flathouses, buildings, shops, a plant, a former swimming-pool. Nothing exceptional, nothing really beautiful, but a small lifespot. A shared dailylife.
What makes a street in a street? The bricks, the pavements, the façades, the windows, the litters, the traffic, the pedestrians, the inhabitants, the children, the encounters, the rush, the greetings, the passing, the glances?
How does ones perceive the street from home? How does ones share the street from home? His/her street, my street, our street? Is it a part of my home? Is it a part of me?
If the cards are shuffled, is the street the one that ones remember?

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