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Belly dance classes
From Thursday February 11 on Bains Connective is hosting a whole new activity: belly dance classes taught by Sara Vilardo!
You're welcome to join her each Thursday night, from 18h30 until 20h00 in our studio in Vorst/Forest.

Prices: 7 EUR/single class - 25 EUR/5 class card
Material to bring: Top/t-shirt, pants & hip scarf
More info: dancebrussels@gmail.com
Sun 14 Mar
...Mon 15

@ Bondgenotenstr. 54 rue des Alliés, Vorst/Forest

The Course

The course is aimed at those who want to approach Oriental Dance and those who have already begun this journey.
There is no age limit to start, since it is a dance where you work on the harmony of body and mind with the body. There are no prerequisites for this type of dance, each person has his own way to live it and interpret it.
My method of teaching Oriental Dance (commonly known as belly dance) is held in respect and care of the culture of dance itself and anatomy of the body.
My technical approach allows anyone to learn with clarity and simplicity.

The criteria and order of a specific lesson are as follows:
a) Warming – up:
breathing movement, flexibility and fluidity
- Stretching: stretching techniques aimed at deep dance (to dissolve the tension
sides that free movement)
b) Techniques basic movements:
- Isolations with images and references geometric, hands, arms and compound
movements (eight, undulations, etc. ..), walking, sequence, choreography.
-Muscle strengthening exercises targeted at strengthening the muscular
movements involved in the specific and necessary for their proper implementation.
-Island isolation of muscles and movements (belly, chest, buttocks, hips, arms)
c) Styles and elements of folklore: techniques overlap and coordination of rhythmic movements
-DRILLS: dynamic exercises in key fusion on all Oriental dance movements
(eight, tac, shimmy, undulations) applied to walk (with support of the feet
rhythmically on various speeds and dynamic).
d) Rhythm and music: a study of rhythms and Arabic rhythmic sequences, dialogue
and body melody.
e) choreographic sequences: Interpretation emotional, spiritual, theatrical elements applied to dance.

Sara Vilardo

She began her artistic research in 1998 through the theater. She graduated in Theatre School in Milan in 2003. She studied contemporary dance and worked a lot in physical theatre.
Simultaneously she started studying belly dance.
She studied belly dance with Olivia Raja, The Rose of the Desert, Jamila Zaki, Nury, Sandy D'Ali, and has furthered his career with several teachers who Wael Mansour Elhadi Cheriffa, Djamila Henn, Momo Kadouss. Since 2005 she gives courses of belly dance.

16 03 2010

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