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Een draaikolk-ruimte van Lawrence Malstaf
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Lawrence Malstaf


‘We are
mere whirlpools in a river of fleeding water, we are no solid
matter but patterns trying to sustain themselves’

Norbert Wiener

[sketch of whirlpool space: transparent
cylinder, water, chair on fixed grid, propellor]

In a time where everything seems to
accelerate logarythmically, our senses need to evolve equaly.
But the usual technology and representationtechniques are
outdated. The so-called hightech multi media communication is
stuck with audio-visual interfaces =2 media. Nevertheless
we don’t need to know the bisquit of Proust to
acknowledge the importance of smell, taste, touch, balance
and who knows what kind of long lost senses in our experience
of reality =one way communication. Did other cultures have
a more conscious relation with these ‘soft’ senses?
Is the Pharmaceutical industry the only western technology
dealing with non audio visual communication a pill as a
physical communication carrier?

In this project I want to address the
spatial experience, not from the birds eye of the architect,
but from the frog perspective of the visitor: A transparent
cilinder with water and a chair for the visitor in the middle.
The bottom is a grid with a propellor underneath making the
water spin. A whirlpool in the shape of a double spiral,
umbilical chord, DNA double helix,… grows until a dry
space is created around the chair.

Installation by
Lawrence Malstaf

With support
from: De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Bains::Connective Brussel

27 02 2006

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