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100 Rencontres
A variable geometry event - Benoit Lachambre

100 Rencontres is a variable geometry event that transforms itself according to the presentation space and depending on the possibilities for artistic encounter in the host city. The presentation in Brest, entitled Pas 1 mais plus… 100 rencontres Brest, will not have the same form or content as the performances in Brussels and Montpellier.

The spectator is free to walk around the presentation space, where the various distinct modules have been established, like in a gallery. There, the public will witness – and can even participate in – spectacular or non-spectacular performances, plastic installations and playful events. Each guest artist creates his or her own work. Under the artistic direction of Benoît Lachambre, they eux - Martin Bélanger, Joe Hiscott, Benoît Lachambre, Sheila Ribeiro, Pierre Rubio and George Stamos – are both performers and authors of their own modules. Also contributing to the project are visual artists Jorge Leon Alvarez and Julie Andrée T., who will each propose an installation, as well as sound designers David Kilburn and Laurent Maslé and lighting designer Jean Jauvin. Marie-Andrée Gougeon is assistant director for the project. Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, technical director, is responsible for the co-conception and coordination of the modules.

In the course of a visit, the spectator may interact with gigantic “maris-honnêtes” characters, venture into a forest of adhesive tape modules by Pierre Rubio; witness a search by a customs agent who uses only his feet ! module by Martin Bélanger; or listen to the sounds he/she produces, thanks to a very special machine module by Benoît Lachambre and David Kilburn. These are just a few examples of the possible encounters and artistic experiences that 100 rencontres will offer.

The coexistence of modules in the same space allow for the creation of sound David Kilburn and Laurent Maslé and light Jean Jauvin environments that envelop the event as a whole, while the spectator moves freely about the space, from one module to another, almost always certain to be surprised. It takes about two hours to witness the development of all of the actions in 100 Rencontres.


Idée originale et conception générale / Original idea and general concept Benoît Lachambre Assistante artistique / Artistic assistant Marie-Andrée Gougeon Modules d’installation et d’intervention / Installation modules Martin Bélanger, joe hiscott, Benoît Lachambre, Jorge Leon, Sheila Ribeiro, Pierre Rubio, Isabelle Schad, Georges Stamos, Julie Andrée T. Performeurs / Performers Martin Bélanger, Kate Denborough, Jean Jauvin, Benoît Lachambre, Sheila Ribeiro, Pierre Rubio, Isabelle Schad, Georges Stamos, Varinia Canto Vila*, Minna Kiper*, Sandy Williams, Andros Zinsbrowne. Angela Muller Son / Sound David Kilburn et Laurent Maslé Lumière / Light Jean Jauvin Élaboration et réalisation des installations / Elaboration and realisation of the installation Louis-Philippe St-Arnault * Stagiaires invités.
12 05 2006

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