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Open Day
Van: Brynjar Bandlien
Don 20 Sep
16:00 - 20:00


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Lilia: Yesterday when I passed by through the rehearsal space I had the impression that I was looking at “time”, seeing time passing. I thought it was intriguing. For some reason I had the feeling the void was there. A certain sense of eternity… I don’t know how long you were there…

Brynjar: I’ve been trying to aim for 4`33’’, which is a reference to John Cage. I am always very inspired by his way of applying “silence” in music. Merce Cunningham did a lot of translations to dance from what Cage was doing in music. For example the chance operations, but he didn’t explore “silence” so much. According to many musicians, 4:33 is one of the most important compositions of the last century.
I can also say that Cage searched for everyday sounds to compose his music. Thinking again of a translation from Cage to dance, I don’t think Cunningham uses a lot of everyday gestures.
Like you passing through yesterday with the dog, was for me a favourite moment.
I think I am very influenced by Cage at this moment. Before I arrived I was just having a very abstract idea to what I was going to do.
But then this space is so concrete, there is so much information, so much sounds going on… Because the bathroom is situated across the space there is lot of movement happening too. So I got confronted with this very physical space, which forced me to this Cagean approach. I appreciate that.
I’ve been trying to underline the stillness and the silence by putting myself in complete stillness and silence as far as I can. And trying to create contrasts with the space, the sound and the activity that’s happening.
Especially in the morning when there is more activity, there are more possibilities to try to understand what can be this kind of composition.
What this space definitely underlines is that there is in fact no silence or stillness.

Lilia: It’s quite contemplative actually. It calls for a certain attention and concentration. That stillness is definitely present in the space when you walk in. The fact that there is a person not moving makes you act in another way. Slow down the impulses, look around, be invisible, to not disturb. It alters actually the relation you have normally to that space; I took the dog with me to the toilette because I didn’t want her to walk around.
14 09 2007

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