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Text: Gawan Fagard (vrij naar Peter Handke)
Direction: Gawan Fagard
With: Leen Diependaele & Rodrigo Malmsten
In Dutch and German with French subtitles
Fri 4 May
20:00 - 21:30

€ 5 (€3 members)
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Gawan Fagard

A big, empty space in the middle of town.
Suddenly he appears on earth, Kaspar: born since a long time, but still pure as a child. He grew up in dark blackness and lost his trust there. The world is huge and hostile, the wind does not caress but attacks rudely, the light tears up his retina, warmth feels like thousands of needles ruining his skin. He tries to hide – but environment enters from all sides. Education is painfull and cuts through his heart, he moves his tongue, thick and inexperienced, a first attempt to disarm the world with words and phrases.

Suddenly appears a woman, shaped of carefully orchestrated significations, with a charisma of refined and sharp education, full of comprehension. Redefining her existence in a contemporary, nostalgic and restless way, she escapes her selfconcept and stands face to face with Kaspar. Full of love she reaches out her hand that bears the marks of a long, turbulent history.

What will die, en what will relive in Kaspar? Who is he, the man without meaning, where fragmentation is de only source of unity ? What does it mean being unspoilt and undefined, and to enter the world with unconditional and opened senses? What is the subversive power of the determined, of the suffering which is accessible and without judgment? What is intelligence before it has been controlled by civilization? Which language does the soul speak?

Text: Gawan Fagard (based on Peter Handke)
Direction: Gawan Fagard
With: Leen Diependaele & Rodrigo Malmsten
Choreography: Nicolas Delamotte-Legrand
Scenography: Koen Moerenhout
Techniek: Lino Van Molle
Translation: Johanna Storimans
Photography: François Morissea
Design poster: Carl Jacobs
Production: Rodrigo Malmsten
With the support of: Bains::Connective, Brussels

More info: http://gawan.inlinea.be/kaspar
12 04 2007

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