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Agathe Gizard

'(...) Parle, toi aussi, parle le dernier à parler, dis ton dire.
cependant ne sépare pas du Oui le Non.
Donne à ta parole aussi le sens:
lui donnant l'ombre.(...)

'Une voix venue d'ailleurs' ' le dernier à parler' à Henri Michaux, de Maurice Blanchot.
Fri 14 Apr

Being in a big space is playing with the space by means of voice and body.
Through proposals of sound, melody, dancing and singing body, it is playing with this relation that not only inscribes frases of melody but also invents them in a movement of coming and going. Back and forth between proposing a dance and singing, between singing and movement, passing through everything which can be called sound and movement.
It is especially playing, and playing with equals and opposites. Moving from the sophisticated towards the beastly, the meeting of what we call opposites and/or strangers of eachother. It is playing, talking in a house, a space which I discover, “les bains”. Like I discover my body and my voice that I use to play..

09 04 2006

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