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Lucio Capece & Ignaz Shick
Don 5 May

Ignaz Shick :: electronic devices.
Lucio Capece :: Mixer feedback modified by saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone.

Space and emptyness in sound and sound in the space where the sound is living in. Walls and waves of black silence. Waves and walls of white noise.
Ignaz Shick is a member of two of the most recognized ensembles in the Berlin improvised music scene: Phosphor and Perlonex. He works with electronic devices set that changes relating it to the space and the situation, but mainly composed of turning surfaces and self made electronics.
Lucio Capece works in different projects in improvised and new music. He prepares his intruments with objects, treating themselves as sound objects, becoming experimental sound electro-mechanic tools. His interested in perception and music as time.
28 04 2005

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