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Lounge with artistic interventions

Plankton::Bar 19
Vita Drappa (installation 'in situ')
Karen Eliot (music improvisation)
Davis Freeman (installation/performance)
Jorge Leon (video)
Fri 28 Sep
20:00 - 23:00

€ 5 (members: free)

Bains Connective is an artistic workspace. The multidisciplinary laboratory has recently moved and is now located at the first floor of GC Ten Weyngaert in Vorst/Forest.

Jorge Leon :: Between 2 chairs
A video portrait based on an interview with the former dancer Ronald Burchi. After training as a modern dancer in the USA, the American Burchi used to live and work in Europe in the early nineties, didn't manage to tie work permits to his actual working situation and ended up with an illegal status - a situation which is actually more common in the dance world than we know or want to admit -, to eventually go through a legalisation procedure in Belgium. Between two chairs sheds light on the many realities of the “Alien Resident”, showing the fragile balance between the artistic visibility of international artists and their social and political rights. In this work, Jorge Léon continues his artistic research on the format of the video interview as a potential portrait.

Jorge Léon studied film at INSAS in Brussels and has been working as a photographer and film maker with a specific interest in the documentary. He has collaborated with many people in the performing arts field, including Eric Pauwels, Wim Vandekeybus, Thierry De Mey, Michèle Anne De Mey, Olga De Soto, Hervé Robbe, Xavier Lukomski, Meg Stuart and Benoît Lachambre. Since 2003 he creates documentary film work, including “de sable et de ciment”, and “U bent hier/Vous êtes ici/You are here”.

Director: Jorge Léon / Production: vzw Niels, Sarma / Co-production: Damaged Goods, Kunst/Werk / Duration: 16’ 25’’ / With the support of the Flemish authorities and the Flemish Community Commission.

Karen Eliot :: music improvisation
Karen Eliot is an improvisation project with two permanent members, Luther Blissett and He Who Ha Ha. There are no fixed, premeditated rules, nor objectives or musical directions. Nothing is planned or discussed. There is only a weakness for musical adventures, sound experiments and instant discoveries of sound.

Karen Eliot is a name that refers to an individual human being who can be anyone. The name is fixed, the people using it aren't. The purpose of many different people using the same name is to create a situation for which no one in particular is responsible and to practically examine western philosophical notions of identity, individuality originality, value andtruth. (www.thing.de)

More info and tracks on www.myspace.com/wearekareneliot

Davis Freeman :: Moving parts
Is an installation / performance featuring the 8 video monitors,a performer and images of the moving body. Pulses of ankles and wrists, lips and eyes, hands and feet, vagina's and penis’, all become alienated victims to be explored and redistributed throughout the space and put together again. The parts themselves will start to dictate their own meaning beyond anything the performer could possibly have planned. It's a physical revolution.

Vita Drappa :: Apparitions

10 09 2008

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