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ARCHIVE 29 September 2006 - back

Lounge met artistieke interventies

Plankton::Bar 12
- Brynjar Bandlien:: dans
- Rui Catalão:: dramaturgie
& Laurent Liefooghe
Vri 29 Sep
:: Verwante onderwerpen
Brynjar Bandlien

[Vertaling nog niet beschikbaar]

Rui Catalão
Rui Catalão (b. Cacém, Portugal, 1971) is the author of the pieces “Elogio da Classe Política Portuguesa” (2004), “The Dark Room” (2004, with the collaboration of Manuel Pelmus) and “My Kind of Job” (2003), in which he created and developped (through a paper screen between the audience and the stage, using one or two fixed video-cameras), a new concept of live-movie, that enable the performers to work inside an intimist space, having at the same time a perspective of the image they are creating to the audience.
Beside taking part in his own pieces, he already worked as a performer and a dramaturgist of João Fiadeiro pieces (“O que eu sou não fui sozinho” 2000; “Existência” 2002; and “Conference-Demonstration” 2001-03), being also the dramaturgist of Manuel Pelmus’ “Punct Fix” (2002) and Miguel Pereira’s “Corpo de Baile” (2005).
As an actor, he took part in Miguel Gomes’ movie “A Cara Que Mereces” (2003), having also written the script for the movie “O Capacete Dourado” (in preparation). Already this year, he started collaborating, also as a script writer, with Joao Pedro Rodrigues film-maker (author of “Fantasma” and “Odete”, recently premiered in Cannes Film Festival). He also directed the short-movies “Ver” (1994) and “Mu-ro” (1995).
He started his career as a film-critic in 1991, working as a journalist and a music critic for the portuguese reference daily paper “Público” (1994-1999). For the same paper, he still continues to write on literature.
Though he considers himself to be a writer, he always avoided to publish his own poetry and novels. His older brother, Pedro, that was never able to learn how to write or to read, remains as his biggest influence.

Brynjar Bandlien
Experience Brynjar Bandlien (N, 1975)
2005Working as dancer in Yukiko Shinozaki’s new creation, Brussel.
Working as dancer in Raimund Hoghe’s new creation, Montpellier.
2004 Choreographed for a documentary film about deaf and blind children, Oslo. Danced with the group Two Fish in the production “Christiane Muller zieht um” in Berlin, Bordeux, Bremen and Rome.
2003 Danced in “Punct Fix” by Manuel Pelmus in Berlin, Lexington-N.Y., Portland-Oregon,New York, Bucharest and Antwerp.
Danced in “Mountains are Mountains” by Philipp Gehmacher in Vienna, Utrecht, Berlin, Gent and Salzburg. Appeared as a guest in “Tanzgeschichten” by Raimund Hoghe in Ludwikshafen.
Participated in workshop by Thomas Lehmen during Tanz im August, Berlin,
2002 Choreographed and performed the performance “Common Grounds” together with Manuel Pelmus and Shintaro Oue, Oslo.
2001 Choreographed the piece “Palmskin” together with Manuel Pelmus for two students at Statens Balletthøgskole, Oslo. Participated in workshop by Vera Mantero during ImpulsTanz festival, Vienna.
2000 Choreographed the piece “Formalin” together with Manuel Pelmus for the graduation students at Statens Balletthøgskole, Oslo.
1998 Choreographed the piece “Clockwork” for five dancers to be part of the triplebill-performance Stationclock at the national operetta stage in Bucharest.
1995-98 Worked as dancer at the Netherlands Dance Theatre 2. Performed in pieces by a.o. Jiri Kylian, Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot, Johan Inger and Ohad Naharin.
Choreographed the pieces “Lull” (‘97) and “Ten Little in the ends” (‘98) in the frame of NDT workshop, Den Hague.
1993-95 Danced in the following productions by John Neumeier at the Hamburg Opera: Peer Gynt, Illusionen wie Schwanensee, Undine, Kameliendame, Requiem and Zwischenraume, in which Neumeier choreographed a solorole for Bandlien.
28 09 2006

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