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Forum voor geimproviseerde, experimentele en intuitieve muziek

Publieke presentatie om 20u.
SCALE - een MUSiCLAB [B] / Aphids [Au] co-productie - is een site specifieke samenwerking ge´nspireerd op door de acoustische, architecturale, poŰtische en historische eigenheden van Bains.
Vri 30 Jul
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David Young
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A MUSiCLAB [B] / Aphids [Au] coproduction

When ?

Public presentation on Friday 30 July 2004 at 20:00

Where ?


Rue Berthelotstraat 34

1190 Brussels [Vorst/Forest]


Contact & info :

Contact person MUSiCLAB: Marie-Hélène Elleboudt

Address: c/o Bains::Connective, Rue Berthelots 34, 1190 Brussels

Tel: 02-534 48 55 [general] of 0486-50 2002 [direct]

Email: mhelleboudt@yahoo.com

Links: www.q-o2.be, www.aphids.net

I. The project: SCALE

SCALE is a site specific collaboration inspired by the acoustic, architectural, poetic and historical properties of Bains.

The Australians David Young [composer], Rosemary Joy [visual artist] and Cynthia Troup [writer/historian] collaborate with musicians Tom Pauwels, Fedor Teunisse and Yutaka Oya during a month of workshops and rehearsals at Bains::Connective. The project will culminate in a presentation of virtuosic musicians performing on toy piano, guitar and hand-made miniature percussion instruments in the tiled expanses of the Bains complex, creating miniature pools of sound, where once there were vast echoes of recreational clamour.

The artists first met last year when composer David Young was the subject of a Champ d’Action portrait concert in 2003 featuring Tom Pauwels, Fedor Teunisse and Yutaka Oya and others performing Young’s compositions from the past ten years.  In December 2003, Marie-Héléne Elleboudt, MUSiCLAB curator was a featured artist in Aphids event Instrument Building in Melbourne, Australia.

II. MUSiCLAB et Aphids

MUSiCLAB [B] is a laboratorium for improvisational, intuitive and experimental music.

The creative development of new ideas is essential to MUSiCLAB. For this reason projects with room for experiment and research are preferred. MUSiCLAB organises musicians-in-residence and music events for the public where international musicians and artists with different backgrounds get to meet and work together.

Aphids [AU]

Aphids is a strange creature: independent, non-profit, project-based and committed to nurturing artistic risk-taking behaviour.

Founded in 1994, Aphids is based in Melbourne and undertakes a varying series of cross-artform projects usually involving new music; international residencies and collaborations; and community cultural developments. Aphids also mentors new and emerging artists and projects through its Hungry Caterpillars program.

Aphids previous international collaborations include Maps with Danish company Kokon. Maps was a site specific work presented in Melbourne in 2000 and Copenhagen in 2002.

The company will celebrate its 10th year in October with a birthday party and a new collaboration A Quarreling Pair for the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

III. Participants

David Young [AU] - composer

Rosemary Joy [AU] - visual artist

Cynthia Troup [AU] - writer/historian

Yutaka Oya [J] -

Fedor Teunisse [NL] - percussion

Tom Pauwels [B] - guitar

IV. Bios

David Young [AU]

David’s music is performed in Australia, Europe and Asia in contexts ranging from concerts to music theatre and installation.  As a composer he is preoccupied with exploring the relationship between sound and image, employing intricate and often miniature formats in unconventional settings. More recently, David’s work has explored radical new approaches to music notation, in particular utilising new media and computer-based animation technologies.

David composed music for Matt Gardiner’s ORIBOTICS multimedia work, presented at TCB Gallery as part of the 2004 Next Wave Festival. This collaboration explored new music notation technology, and featured percussion and electronics for interactive robots as they folded origami flowers.

At the beginning of 2004, David undertook an Asialink residency in Indonesia where he collaborated and performed with BENGKEL TEATER RENDRA in Jakarta and SELAMAT GUNDONO in Surakarta.

David recently collaborated with pianist Michael Kieran Harvey on his composition, ROCCIA, as part of Dead Horse Productions contemporary music event at the World Wide Warehouse. The event was sold out, and Michael has commissioned David to compose a new work for premiere in Brazil later this year. David’s work, IN AN INITIAL C, has been selected for performance in this year’s ISCM World Music Days in Switzerland.

As artistic director of Aphids, David composes for and co-curates cross-artform projects. These have included RICEFIELDS, an electro-acoustic installation/performance which toured Australia, France and Japan; RADIO 1, percussion/theatre event featuring the world premiere live performance of Beckett’s radio play of the same name; and most recently MAPS, a music theatre film text collaboration between Aphids and its sister company in Denmark with performances in Melbourne November 2000 and Copenhagen October 2002.

Described in InPress as ‘an exquisite gem’, SKIN QUARTET was a collaboration between David and visual artist Louisa Bufardeci, premiered at the Anna Schwartz Gallery as part of the 2003 Melbourne International Arts Festival – now available on DVD. Also in the 2003 Melbourne Festival, Japanese violinist Yasutaka Hemmi premiered David’s violin solo, ANIMALI, which appears on Hemmi’s solo CD released through Megadisc, Belgium. In July of the same year, the Antwerp ensemble Champ d’Action presented a portrait concert of David’s music at the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium.

In 2000 David curated music for ICE CARVING as part of the Melbourne Festival, and the following year created the miniature opera and sound installation OVERHEARD AT INVERESK for Ten Days on the Island. In 2002 he was festival director of NEXT WAVE, Melbourne’s multi-artform festival which showcased new work by over 600 young artists.

David is a doctoral candidate in composition at the University of Queensland, and is a board member of RealTime, Big West Arts Festival and chair of the steering committee for the Rawcus Theatre Company.

Rosemary Joy [AU]

Rosemary has worked with Aphids since 1997.  In 1998, she collaborated with David Young and Sarah Pirrie to create sculptural scores for Ricefields, touring the work to France, Japan, Sydney and Brisbane in 1999. 

In 2000, Rosemary began collaborating with percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson to create sculptural instruments.  Decor Nuggets, a work in miniature, was performed by Vanessa at Club Zho in Perth in 2001.  Their collaboration Veronique was performed at the Sydney Opera House for the 2001 Sydney Spring Festival and at the 2002 Shanghai International Arts Festival.

Rosemary was an artist and co-curator of Aphids event Instrument Building at Linden St Kilda Contemporary Art Centre in December 2003.  For this project she developed miniature percussive instruments for a percussion quartet, Graeme Leak, Vanessa Tomlinson, Peter Humble and David Hewitt.  In July 2004, Rosemary will create miniature percussive sculptures for Scale at Bains::Connective in Brussels.

Cynthia Troup [AU]

A member of Aphids since 1994, Cynthia Troup is a writer, performer and historian. Cynthia’s publications include articles, catalogues and program notes on contemporary art and music, as well as short fiction, and studies in Italian Renaissance history. Cynthia was the writer for Aphids’ major project Maps Melbourne 2000, Copenhagen 2002: she also devised and performed an additional scene that was described in the Danish press as ‘an immaculate lecture on the history of maps, rhetorically perfected with an exactly timed slide show, as the actor, Cynthia Troup, puts on her glasses or takes them off at decisive moments. Form takes precedence over content and one listens to the lecture as if it were a piece of music’.

Cynthias recent collaborations have included the story Miss Shaw Dreams, produced through a residency at Queen’s College Tower Studio with film-maker Louise Curham.

Yutaka Oya [J]

Yutaka OYA graduated from the Toho Gakuen college of Music in Tokyo and followed masterclasses by Georgy Sebok and Zoltan Kocsis. He completed his musical training in Belgium, obtaining higher certificate piano at the Royal Conservatories of Antwerp in the class of Robert Groslot and higher certificate  chamber music at the Royal Conservatories of Liege in the class of Jean-Pierre Peuvion.

He worked with most Belgian ensembles and orchestras and plays on dozens of cd and radio recordings. He performed as a soloist and a chamber musician in Japan, the Philippines, Canada, the U.S.A., Russia, and in most European countries. Besides, he is a familiar presence in the world of contemporary dance and theater as well. 

He is a member of the contemporary music ensembles Ebony Trio, Champ dAction and Abyss. 

Fedor Teunisse [NL]

Fedor  Teunisse 1972 studied at the conservatories of Utrecht and Amsterdam with Johan Faber and Robert van Sice. He is member of Slagwerkgroep Den Haag since 2001. He performs on a regular basis with different contemporary ensembles in the Netherlands and in Belgium [Schönberg Ensemble, Asko-ensemble, Ives Ensemble and Champ d Action].

He was teaching at the Koninklijk Conservatorium te Den Haag in 2003.

Tom Pauwels [B]

Tom Pauwels [Bornem, 1974] studied guitar in Bornem, Brussel, Köln and Münster with Dirk De Hertogh, Albert Sundermann, Hubert Käppel and Reinbert Evers. He recorded work from Giuliani, Paganini, Piazzolla and Weiner with violinist David Nuñez Lyric Digital. He also recorded for Ictus Cyprès solo and ensemble work from Oehring, Harada and Romitelli. Since 1999 he assists Yves Storms with guitar teaching at the het Conservatorium in Gent. He is member of the ensembles Ictus, Black Jackets Company and Plus-Minus. Since October 2002 he is artistic advisor for the het Ictus ensemble.

He performed with the Ensemble Itinéraire and the Ensemble Intercontemporain as free-lance guitarist. He also did a research project at the Orpheus Instituur from 1998 to 2003 with promotor Jan Michiels.

Concertagenda on www.users.skynet.be/tom.pauwels

Marie-Hélène Elleboudt [B]

Was co-founder of Bains::Connective where she organised the administration and communication from 1998 to 2000. In 2000 she founded MUSiCLAB, a platform for improvisational, intuitive and experimental music. She has curated and coordinated the project since then. Together with the Q-O2 ensemble she founded the Abstract Adventures series in 2001. She was production manager of the Champ dAction ensemble in Antwerp from 2001 to 2003. In December 2003 she was a featured artist in the Aphids event Instrument Building in Melbourne, Australia.

20 07 2004

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