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:: Archief July 2004
Fri 30 Jul
Public presentation at 20:00.
SCALE - a MUSiCLAB [B] / Aphids [Au] coproduction - is a site specific collaboration inspired by the acoustic, architectural, poetic and historical properties of Bains. ...
Open doorsOpen Monumentendag / Journée du patrimoine
Sun 19 Sep
Saturday and sunday from 10am until 7pm
Open doors & foyer. ...
Fri 5 Aug
From 20:00h.
Benefit concert with NOX, A-MUTE,

:: Archive
. 5th anniversary! - Bains survived 5 years of pleasure, sweat, beauty, cold, inspiration and dust. A good reason to celebrate!
. BENEFIT PARTY ! - Have fun while stuffing our debts!
. Brocante - A real fleemarket next Sunday!!!
. BRXLBRAVO - Undo my lost memories for the inner sleeper sur l’herbe of a cardboard memorial hotel
. Empreinte: afdruk / indruk - An audiovisual installation
of Mariane Cosserat
. Forest en couleur - One day of celebration on the Saint-Antoine square with local associations and inhabitants.
. HUELLAS - Dance-Theatre company HUELLAS
. Inner Lives of a Sleeper - A project about breath and sleep initiated by Luea Ritter and Vincent Malstaf.
. La Fée Verte - Open bar on the 1st friday of the month
. MUSiCLAB - Forum for improvised and experimental music
. Open doors - Special events at the bathhouse
. Open Event - Bains::Connective has sometimes the pleasure to welcome you for some public events taking place at home.
. OPEN SEASon - It is a new season - time to share what was developed in Bains::Connective during the summer.
. real dance lab - Dance Laboratory
. RING - Dance project by FELIX RUCKERT
. RRRAUW - Multimedia project from Erik Tielemans.
. Sauna in Exile - In this performance / installation you are invited to experience a sauna ritual
. Sound like Water - Music project by Lucio Caprece.
. Spring:Plank:Ton - It is stricktly forbidden to go on the diving board with more than one person
. Too Much is not Enough - A mirroring performance/installation
. Verdurisation - Green project in the neighborhood!
. Singing Candle - A telepathic chaos machine?

Thanks to
all artists, staff, volunteers and partners.
BC is supported by the Flemish Government, the Flemish Community Commission and the Community of Vorst, Dutch affairs.

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