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ARCHIVE 05 September 2003 - back

It is a new season - time to share what was developed in Bains::Connective during the summer.

LHôH # 2
fr-ve-vr 05 sept, 20:00
sa-za 06 sept, 19:00

Choreographic Piece by Marie-v Martinez and Luea Ritter
Improvising dancers : Alessandra Coppola, Johann Cornu, Maud Legueult
Video : Roland Moyez, Luea Ritter and Marie-v Martinez with Brigitte Charron
Sound : Roland Moyez
Vri 5 Sep

Marie-v Martinez, dancer and choreographer, and Luea Ritter, visual artist, have started a cycle of socio-artistic researches on communication and perception, sustained by Bains::Connective, Le théâtre de L’L and, la Cocof. Through written and improvised movement, light, sound, and through a system of islets more or less porous, they explore particularly the non verbal language, unconscious gestures of the daily life, net of relationships, the 5 senses, rules of calligraphy.

The following steps of their work in progress will be shown :
- L’HôH # 2 at Bains:: Connective on 5th Sept. 2003 in a long version and on 6th Sept. 2003 in a short version,
- L’HôH # 1 at L’L : festival Danse en Vol on 28th and 29th November 2003, then in Montréal Canada end of April 2004.
22 08 2003

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