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Sabrina Harri & Alexia de Ville de Goyet
Sabrina Harri (1979, Espoo) and Alexia de Ville de Goyet (1982, Belgium) met accidentally in Helsinki in 2005. They have started working together since then on different projects, mainly with video performance, and lately with sculpture and installation.

Alexia de Ville de Goyet is a young artist living and working in London. In her work, formal research and experimentation with the narrative codes are essential. Her practice is articulated through video, extending itself also to photography, drawing, installation, and performance.
Writing plays an important role in her work, especially in her videos where texts, carried by her or the actors’ voices, reveal an interrogation on the self and the other. By using personal, intimate stories, she puts the accent on the loneliness in the modern society, seen in her work as a fatality. This concern is central in her research and leads to a disappearance of the body.

Sabrina Harri articulates her creative practice around core issues on our perception of reality and its representations. Not without a certain humour, she embodies this theme in fragile and modular installations, drawings, videos and actions that ably disrupt common sense.
By diversion and game, Sabrina Harri discreetly moves objects, as well as social conventions, towards a form of disillusioned poetry. Her work, at first glance trivial, subtly questions the changing values and cultural taboos of contemporary Western society.

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