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Mario Afonso
(P) dance, theater, performance,

Mário Afonso graduated at the visual arts school Antonio Arroio, and studied Dance Theater Performance at the Institute for the Arts in Holland. As a dancer he worked with, amongst others, João Fiadeiro and Miguel Pereira. Since 1998 Mario Afonso has been developing and showing his own work. Lately he has been showing 'representações' (2005), 'Fame' and 'Framework'(2006). In 2006 the process for 'entrevistas' started.

'entrevistas' ('interviews' provisionally), Mário Afonso

A desire to map different aspects that define a creative process is the first goal, while the starting point is the thought that precedes the creative act. When this premise is approached, another layer of life appears, the one marking the lines that organize and orientate the multitude of daily gestures. As the step that has been taken is recognized, surprisingly appears a labyrinth which lays upon me the need to choose one thing over another.

'Is every next step one makes an encounter with the void, or is it a cntinuation of an already traced path? It is rather a reminder that walking is intrinsically paradoxical gesture.
Mário Afonso attempts a first step in an exercise where a banal thing that we have at hand every day, day afther day, becomes an unsolvable maze. Where our movements, insignificant, faded, forgettable, becomes gestures, and start creating set ups. Where each set up is a threshold for a next set up.'

Bojana Bauer, Bruxelles 22.08.2008. (working notes)

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