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Dario Vacirca
(AUS) - Theater

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Dario is a writer, director, producer and performer working across contemporary art platforms. His current focus is on new-genre public art and the nexus between interactivity, art-performance and creative social systems and dialogue.
Regularly involved in the creation of new work and in the sustainability of performance and art practice, Dario established WELL in 1999 as a progressive vessel for his own and peer’s unique ideas and perspectives.
Recently Dario has collaborated and worked with Big West Festival, 5 Angry Men, Snuff Puppets and Aphids.
Along with Meka Audet, Dario set up the Great Wall of Books project in 2001. As Artistic Director and Executive Producer of the project Dario and WELL have invested in this ten-year project as an international cross platform collaboration and creation machine.
He is part of the Nomadic Structures


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