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Christina Clar
(AU) - Performance, installaties
Residentie in B::C - Somewhere else, ...

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Is an Austrian sound and video artist working in the midst of performance, events, installations and computer-extended applications. She is trying to build spaces with sound and image, blurring the limits between the mind-
projected spaces and those “real-existing” ones. Collaboration is an essential ingredient to her work. She worked
with Peter Sellars on contemporary opera productions for the Salzburg festival, with TNC-Network at the
Ars Electronica Festival and for their events on games & digital pop culture, with the composers Nicolas Frize and
Fabrizio Carlone, with the architect Roberto Benavente, with the theatre group Fábrica Teatro, the artists Peter Jap
Lim and Marcos Lutyens and the collective ”Museum for Evolving Art”.

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