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Christine Meisner
(D) - Video, tekening, tekst
Residentie in B::C (aug.-sept. '06)

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*Christine Meisner is working with the media of video, drawing and text. Through investigations out of different resources and the choice of several artistic means, it counts to approach a reality from several telescopes. A „truth“, that is determinated by historic structures and through distorting mass media. In her works, she is interested in unfinished cultural processes, thereby she focuses details from stories and its protagonists between „leaving behind and arriving”.
Single examples of identity’s search, released by cultural occupation and annexation, incorporation and destruction. For six years she is concentrate on colonial and postcolonial changes in African countries. Last she worked on the extensive project „what became” about the transatlantic slave trade between West Africa and Brazil and its European responsibility. Exhibited 2005 at Musee des Beaux Arts Nantes/France, the Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo and the Museum of Modern Art Recife/Brasil. Her projects are always precede by long investigations and travels, that are realized by cooperation with institutions like the worldwide Goethe-institutes, embassies of the involved countries and international museums.

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