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Curriculum Alix de Morant
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Curriculum Alix de Morant

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Firstly trained in dance (classical and contemporary), then in circus, she graduated from Jacques Lecocq’ s Theatre International School (Paris) in 1988. While she was dramaturge and organising debates and meetings about theatre (a.o. around Koltès’ work) she also initiated a theatrical project in detention context that kept her involved for several years.

Then studied Performing Arts at Université Paris X Nanterre-La Sorbonne (graduated in 1999) and devoted herself to a journalist and searcher activity. She works for Cassandre review, collaborates to Scènes Urbaines and Dédale, teaches “ reading and writing contemporary dance” at University Lyon 2, and is associated searcher to the CNRS, in the Research Laboratory for Performing Arts. She published a.o. in CNRS collective book, and in Alternatives Théâtrales review.

She was also invited by different theatre and dance festival to organise professional meetings and debates ( a.o. for Hors cadre Danse, 3bis F – Aix en Provence).

She is currently writing a thesis (directed by Béatrice Picon Vallin) : “Artistes et nomades, esthétiques de la fluidité”
27 01 2006

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