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Anja Kowalski/Silvano Magnone/Alassane Doulougou
(B/I/BF) - Music, video
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Interview over het project 'Manauana'

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Anja Kowalski
(B) - Musician, composer

°19-05-1971, Brussels, Belgium
Anja Kowalski studied guitar at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, singing at the Brussels Conservatory and improvisation at the Liege Conservatory.
She sang with several groups and various musicians, amongst which Flat Earth Society (Peter Vermeersch), Pierre Vaiana, David Bovée, Pirly Zurstrassen, Karl Van Deun, QO2...
She took part in various inter-disciplinary projects such as Larf by Josse de Pauw , Drumming with the ensemble Ictus (Cie de danse Rosas ), Le Tango des Centaures by I. von Wantoch Rekowski, (co-produced for the Théatre National ), Sauna in Exile ( at les bains ::connective ), Lag (with the Norwegian dancer L.H. Haugen )...
Presently, she sings and plays with several jazz and improvisation groups. Her latest productions are : Purzelbaum Unlimited (with C. Smet/ sortie CD “DÖ” in 2005, AZ productions), Zwiebel (with M.Bucher ), Art de Fakt sextet.
She worked as composer and arranger for theatre and dance shows and she also taught singing at the “Jazz Studio and the Humanités Artistiques” of Anvers, at the “STUC” of Leuven and has participated as a teacher in various workshops in Belgium, Holland and Burkina Faso. She is currently working as a voice teacher at the Academy of St Agatha Berchem.

Silvano Magnone
(I) - Film-maker, musician, composer

In 2005 he obtained a Diploma from the Cinema Academy of Bologna and he qualified as a Director-Cameraman. Since 2004 he have been cooperating in a project with “Gruppo Amatoriale” as a cameraman and
editor of various feature films, amongst which we remember “ The Variation of Mr Quodlibet”, shortlisted for the Turin Film Festival 2006 (Spazio Italia).
Since 2005, he has been working with the “Patafisic Research Group and Anthropologial Theatre” Ygramul le MilleMolte. In June 2006 they opened Ygramul Theatre, in San Cleto-San Basilio, a suburban area of Rome.
In 2006 he directed his first work of a journey documentation 'Pang’ono Pang’ono”, a documentary shot between Rome and Malawi, that has been selected for various festivals, among which the Etno Film Fest, a contest for documentaries of anthropological interest.

Alassane Doulougou
(BF) - Musician

Alassane Doulougou, Mossi Prince of Burkina Faso, started doing music as a child, following the masters of the Mossi tradition, one of the most ancient of his Country. He naturally approaches singing and percussions and he starts being part of various groups of traditional and reggae music.
In the past years, in cooperation with various artists from Africa, Europe and North America, he has started a project of research and re-elaboration of the ancients rhythms of the Sub-Saharian Africa
blending the movement and representative experience of dance with the incessant rhythm of Burkinabè percussions.
He arrived in Naples in 1999 and here he started looking for musicians so that he could re-create a group and in 2002 he managed to bring to life Foly du Burkina. Since then, Foly has become an instrument through which he can make the music of Burkina Faso heard in Italy.

He is currently working on the cultural project “Taranta Power” and on his first album called “Foly”.

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