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Petter Goldstine
(N) - Beeldende kunst, performance
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4x4 Uitgave2006 Tromso (N)

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Petter Goldstine about his way of working:

“A conceptual method of exploration explains best how I work with materials, forms and methods. At the moment I find myself interested in themes concerning the individual, human environment. I've been reading the environmental philosophy of Abrams who basis his research upon Hegel's concepts of phenomenology, as well as Schechner's performance studies writings.

I also use walking as a method to conceive thought.

These impulses have led to a new series of works, which place the human (myself) in the environment in search of a primordial meaning. Through rituals and tradition I seek the seed of humanity, certain that it exists somewhere between the nature that we came from and the environment that we have created and currently live in.”


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