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Mariane Cosserat
(F) - Sound & visual installations, performance, videos

Trained in theatre with a university degree in performing arts, Mariane Cosserat started her career as actress & theatre director. In parallel to the coordination of international organisations in the contemporary performing arts and the management of the art residence house Bains::Connective in Brussels, she works with artists to develop their scene project. Her interest focuses more and more on the relations between visual and performing arts and the role of the spectator. Her present visual projects are based on the collective oral memory. From recorded interviews of inhabitants and workers from the same street, from photos taken behind their street windows of their house, flats and shops, there is a blueprint of the street to compose, to rebuild it visually with the streetscape, to expose the intimate negatives, And beyond this glance, to share the life of this street through the inhabitants & the workers interviews. 'Empreinte:Afdruk/Indruk' takes the shape of a visual and sound installation, mobile and suspended, individual and collective. Her next project [blauwd{ru}k a visual and sound installation is selected to be realised for the 2005 edition of NeonNord, Brussels.

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