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Lilia Mestre
(P) - Dance, performance, photography
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Residency in B::C - Ghosts

Since 1994 Lilia Mestre has worked as a dancer and collaborator with Vera Mantero, Hans Van den Broeck, Christine de Smedt, Lynda Gaudreau, Carlos Pez, Martin Nachbar, Kate Machintosh and Paul Hendrikse… In 1996 and 1998 she created two pieces in collaboration with Mette Edvardsen. In 1999 she founded the company Random Scream with Davis Freeman with whom she collaborates in different forms till the present time. Her own work includes the stage performances: “Untitle me”,“Missing Link”, “Beyond Mary and Joseph”, “Rendering1.2”, “(g)hosts”, and "Moving you" and the site-specific performances: “Unnoticed”,” Clownations”, “Slow down the passions”, “Interface fictions” and "Live-in-room". Since 2008 she is the artistic co-ordinator of Bains Connective.

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Clownation 2

Interview with the dead

Slow down the passions


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