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Dance-Theatre company HUELLAS

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Dance-Theatre Company HUELLAS

Argentina - Belgium

Showings: Friday 27th February at 20H

Saturday 28th February at 20H

Sunday 29th February at 20H

Open to public - entrance: free

Performances at Bains::Connective

Workshop: Tuesday March 2nd until Thursday March 4th @ Bains::Connective

Call for semi-professional dancers

Subscription fee: € 15

Duration: 10 hours more info below

Interested dancers contact Bjorn Maes @ 02 534 48 55 or email info@bains.be

The show:

Dance-Theatre Company HUELLAS Argentina - Belgium is currently
residing at Bains::Connective February 9th - 29th in Brussels. This company
is directed by Sebastian Garcia Ferro and Carolina Mantovano Argentina and
co-founded by Christie Di Perna and Kristof Coenen Belgium; all of them dancers
and actors who are looking for a language that combines dance and theatre.

Their first production Huellas is a contemporary dance production that merges
a language of movement, acrobatic energy and contact sequences composed choreographically
by the dancers. Huellas 50 min is the outcome of this dance-theatre research
that penetrates the intimate space of dancers creating a dramatic and emotional
charge, the engine which they use to dance.

Huellas was previously selected by the Summer Studios Project, the Performing
Arts Research and Training Studios P.A.R.T.S/ Rosas in August 2003. It also
showed at several festivals in Argentina and in the rest of South America. During
February and March 2004, the company is on its second tour presenting the piece
in Brussels, Barcelona and Valencia.

It has the Institutional Support of the Cultural Affairs Department of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Workshop of the Republic
of Argentina; and the Official Support of the Belgian Embassy in Argentina.

The workshop:

Dancing with the floor

Workshop - Contact Improvisation

Every time we dance, the floor supports us as a partner. On it we fall,
spin, jump and it is our receptor and trampolin towards a new dance. Our research
will be centered around this bond, recognizing acquired skills and opening ourselves
to new possibilities that may facilitate and deepen our own dance, by ourselves
and with others.

To guide all who are interested in knowing and researching the ways of the
Contact Improvisation, this course has three stages divided in 10 hours.

1 Bases of Contact Improvisation: Body and Spherical Space, Weight, Peripheral
Vision, Gravity, Touching Qualities.

2 Resources and technique skills: Reflexes, Spins, Falls, Inversions, Aerial

3 Improvisation Structures: With space, time, duets and trios.

4 Video documentaries: Contact since its starts to these days.

Throughout the development of these stages, we will explore our small dance
the way we align ourselves and perceive everything that happens in our organisms
to beat the strength of gravity, our own movement patterns, center to
periphery, periphery to center, active vision, listening with
our skin, paths and short cuts towards improvisation.

Previous knowledge is required in movement and dance techniques.

Dance Teacher: Sebastián García Ferro Argentina

Sebastián García Ferro is a choreographer, dancer and Contact
Improvisation performer. He studied aesthetic and physic training with Adrián
Porcel de Peralta, Contact improvisation with Andrew Harwood Canada, Chris
Aiken, Cathy Caraker, Martín Keogh and Daniel Lepkoff USA among others,
Contemporary Dance with Roberto Olivan, Ted Stoffer, Jordy Vidal and David Hernandez
Europe among others, Alwin Nicolais Tecnique and Choreography with Cristina
Bosso, Flying Low with Gustavo Lestjar and different scenic techniques. He was
part of the danceing groups: El Resbalón, Contragravedad, No se llama.
He Co Directing Huellas Dance company, selected by parts /Rosas, touring Europe
in 03 and 04

He participated in different dance festivals as a choreographer and dancer.

He has been teaching dance for many years in different dance studies and educational

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