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: 2004

Een project omtrent adem en slaap van Luea Ritter en Vincent Malstaf.

Zingende kaars
Een telepathisch machien ?
Luea Ritter & Vincent Malstaf op Subliminal.
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De zingende kaars

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The movement of the candle light is detected by a light sensor and amplified by
the speaker. In return the air-waves transmitted by the speaker move the candle
light. Your stillness-of-mind may or may not interfere and enable a possible
telepathic interaction with the candle...

Part of “Inner Lives of a Sleeper” – Presented as an installation
at Bains::Connective and simultaneously as a sleeping happening at De
Beursschouwburg 25-27 Feb 05.

www.foton.be | www.beurschouwburg.be

Thanks to De Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Les
Bains::Connective, De Beursschouwburg, Foton Brussels, Gästeatelier Warteck
Basel, MED - Medizin-Technologie GmbH.
06 02 2005

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