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: 2004

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Een project omtrent adem en slaap van Luea Ritter en Vincent Malstaf.

Experiment #1
We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.*
Din 23 Mar
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Luea Ritter
Vincent Malstaf

Een persoonlijke uitnodiging tot slapen

Dear sleeper

You are hereby kindly invited to participate to a special sleeping experience at Bains::Connective, taking place the night of Tuesday 23th of March at 21:30 until the early next morning.

The experiment is the first of a series of happenings of „Inner Lives of a Sleeper“ – a project about sleeping and breathing.

The goal of this happening is to experience and to document the sleeping together in a group at an unusual location - in this case the old swimmingpool of Vorst/Forest. To enable this fragile and intimate theme we are using artistic media to create a comfortable sleeping location.

Practically we provide beds and covers in a heated sleeping environment, toilets and warm water, a goodnight tea and breakfast in the morning.

Please bring your special and personal sleeping utensils hotwaterbottle, pyjama, toothbrush, earplugs, animals etc... and a small donation for the food.

If you can`t wait to participate, please contact Luea Ritter by phone: 0479-214295. The number of participants is limited to 15!

We also made an survey about sleeping habits, which you can fill out online see „Survey about Sleep“ on www.bains.be - maybe a good warming up for the night?

Hoping to hear from you very soon, and... sweet dreams in the mean time!

Luea Ritter and Vincent Malstaf.

* from The Tempest by William Shakespeare
29 04 2004

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