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A project about breath and sleep initiated by Luea Ritter and Vincent Malstaf.

Sleeping Experiment #3
A personal invitation to sleep at the 2# & 3# Sleep-Happening of “Inner Lives of a Sleeper“.
Sat 15 May

Dear sleeper

You are hereby kindly invited to participate to a special sleeping experience at Bains::Connective, taking place the night of Friday 14th of May and Saturday 15th of May at 20:00 until the next morning.

These experiments are the 2# + 3# of a series of happenings of “Inner Lives of a Sleeper“ – a project about sleeping and breathing, dream and reality.

The goal of these happenings is to experience the field of sleeping and dreaming together with other people at an unusual location – Bains - the old swimming pool of Vorst/Forest.

This time the Sleepers will be asked to build their own sleeping space and spend the night in it. Materials will be provided latecomers will have to work with the rest of it – so please come in time. The Sleepers may also bring own materials they may need for building the cocoons.

A goodnight story will guide us through the night and to help to create a comfortable sleeping setting.

In the sleeping space, accommodated with a soundscape before bedtime and some experimental installations the visitor finds himself on a scene without public – she is the actor and observer at once. The intention is to give awareness to the world of sleeping, dreaming and the perception of reality by means of a personal experience.

Practically we provide material to build beds or sleeping-cocoons, sheets and covers, toilets and warm water, a goodnight drink and breakfast in the morning.

Please bring your special and personal sleeping utensils hot water bottle, pajama, toothbrush, earplugs, teddies etc.... The entrance fee is 10.-/ 8. - Euro incl. drinks and breakfast.

If you can’t wait to participate, contact Luea by phone: 0479-214295. The number of participants is limited to 25 per night!

We also made a survey about sleeping habits, which you can fill out online see link on the left. On the same page you’ll find the intermediate results of the survey in printable format please do the survey first….

Hoping to hear from you very soon, and... sweet dreams in the mean time!

Luea Ritter and Vincent Malstaf.


Bains::Connective : 34, rue Berthelotstraat, 1190 Forest, Brussels

08 05 2004

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