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Inner Lives of a Sleeper
A project about breath and sleep initiated by Luea Ritter and Vincent Malstaf.

The idea is to develop a happening/exhibition based on a series of semi-public experiments, which can be visited from inside as well as outside.

This creation is planned on locations in Belgium and Switzerland troughout 2004.

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MAP - Medizintechniek für Arzt und Patient


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15-05-2004 Sleeping Experiment #3
23-03-2004 Experiment #1
00-00-0000 Concept and media
00-00-0000 Experiment #1 - report
00-00-0000 Singing candle
00-00-0000 Sleeping Experiment #2 - CANCELLED
00-00-0000 Survey results
00-00-0000 Themas
00-00-0000 Werkproces
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