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Too Much is not Enough
A mirroring performance/installation

Too Much is not Enough is inspired by ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronimus Bosch 1450-1516. Free of judgment, the painting represents the decay of humanity within a chaotic but fascinating and funny world of abundance, lust and fantasy.

The piece flirts with the myth about the fall of Adam and Eve out of paradise – and into chaos. The story appeals to our split identity as man and woman and probes for the origin of our chaotic and dualistic consciousness.

Is it possible to accept, in a neutral observation, our insatiable yearning for excess and pleasure? Can this experience bring about a greater insight of who or what we are?

In the performance these contemporary themes are expressed through text, installation, music and dance.

Too Much is not Enough crystallizes several forms of presentation which were tried out during the creation process into a compact and intimate performance for a limited amount of spectators.

The installation consists of a large semitransparent mirror in which images, including the spectators themselves, can appear, disappear or double up.

The piece premiered in March 2002 in Bains::Connective, a Socio-Artistic Laboratory in Brussels, and made a successful tour in April and May in Norway Harstad, Tromso en Hammerfest.

Once again Too Much is not Enough is Belgian-Norwegian collaboration. In 1997 Lawrence Malstaf, Liv Hanne Haugen en Vincent Malstaf, worked together for the project ‘Liquid Quantum Garden’, which lead to the founding of Bains::Connective.

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