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A telepathic chaos machine?

Technical sheet - large spiral
Large version in spiral space
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Singing candle
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Inner Lives of a Sleeper
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Technical sheet - large spiral
Technical sheet - multiple
Technical sheet - single

“Singing candles” (Zingende kaarsen) / Inner Lives of a Sleeper
Version with 4 candles/speakers in spiral space

- The movement (flickering) of a candle light is detected by a light sensor. This signal is amplified and fed to a hanging loudspeaker closeby the candle. The sound (air movement) in it's turn influences the flame, creating a unpredictable feedback system. Small influences from the environment (people moving, breathing...) trigger the resonance to start or stop.
- Four of these installations of different sized speakers and candles are set-up in a spiral space (see drawing) withing a blackbox.

The room should be silent and completely dark.
Preferably a blackbox is made with black tissue, and the floor is covered by a carpet.
Minimal surface: 6x6 m² – ideally 8x8 m².
Height: preferably more than 4 m.
At the entrance a passage lock should allow the spectators to enter & leave the room so that the outside light doesn't hit the sensor.
Any artificial light would create an ugly 50Hz buzz through the speaker. It is possible to light the (entrance of the) space with light on DC (eg. batteries or power supply).
Ouside the visitors may fill out an enquête, on paper or possibly online, at a table

3.HANGING GRID (see drawing)
The spiral and tissue (less than 60 kg total) have to be suspended (height is 4m).
The installations needs at least 4 hanging points (eg. 4 pipes) for the speakers and the sensors.

What we need:
2 professional amplifiers (low frequencies!) min. 250 W stereo (we can provide 1)
1 mixing console (4 in 4 out) with good microphone preamps with phantom power (we can provide this)
Woord or construction pipes and black tissue (molton) to make the blackbox and entrance
Metal pipes and connections to make the grid or other hanging system
A dark carpet to cover the whole floor.
10 to 20 cushions (light color) to sit on
Dimmed light and passage lock for entrance
Fire extinguishers (how many?)
1 person to check and replace the candle when necessary - visitors could blow out the candle (but this has not happened yet)
A table and some chairs for the survey

What we bring:
3 (or 4) loudspeakers, hanging on two electric wires
3 (or 4) candlelights on a base
3 (or 4) light sensors with XLR exension cords
extra candles
30 01 2006

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