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Undo my lost memories for the inner sleeper sur l’herbe of a cardboard memorial hotel

{ Brussels has an incredibly wide cultural range and many artistic organisations, not all of whom are equally familiar to the public at large. To turn the spotlight on this wealth, the Brussels artistic sector is organising BRXLBRAVO, the first Brussels Arts Weekend from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th February 2005.
A high-quality programme will be presented in various theatres, museums, cinemas and exhibition spaces, with the emphasis on unique collaboration and exchanges and the fusion of different languages, cultures and artistic disciplines.
This event is being organised and run by more than 100 cultural entities in Brussels, both French- and Dutch-speaking, and is supported by the Brussels Kunstenoverleg and the Plate-forme francophone des Arts à Bruxelles, two platforms in the Brussels arts sector. This project is in this way intended to build a bridge between the communities and take the first step towards the recognition of Brussels as a city of arts and artists!
The full programme of BRXLBRAVO will be announced in January 2005. }

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