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Presentatie Workshop 'Object Score Notations' van 'Advanced Performance Training'
Vri 15 Feb
19:00 - 20:30

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Workshop: 11-15 Feb 2008 at Bains::Connective.
The workshop will be based around a piece of software that tracks movements via video camera. This translates movement into a form of notation that can be used to construct audio scores, or, which can feedback into the performance and notation system itself (i.e. creating commands for other performers). The workshop will be based in a space with simple objects and furniture that the participants can use as their notational 'canvas'. They will be able to construct a notation system from their own movements and their interactions with the objects in the space. From this they will create a series of 'object scores'. Participants will work collectively in creating and altering these 'object scores' following a FLOSS paradigm of writing and re-writing each other's contributions. This will create a tight feedback loop between writing and performing - the motions of performance become recorded as notations in the scores. These scores then generate the possibilities for further performances which re-write the previous notations.
12 02 2008

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