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Do it yourself: May Day Market
May Day market for all artistic, creative and micronomics expressions with performances, concerts, fashion, workshops, installations, poetry, design, food creations and more, presented by many artists, creators and micro-initiatives.

All info: www.mayday.micromarche.be

'Do it yourself' is an initiative of MicroMarché, Bains Connective & Citymine(d).
Sat 1 May
11:00 - 23:00

@MicroMarché, Quai à la Houille 9 Steenhoolkaai, 1

Do it yourself - May Day Market is a mini festival in a market format, organized on Saturday May 1 2010 by MicroMarché, Citymine(d)/Micronomics and Bains Connective (BC).

During the months of April and May, BC is temporary in residence at MicroMarché for the research project Thematics : 'Do it yourself' (DIY).

For this Thematics BC invited 5 artists who work with formats of collaboration and exchange in the context of the public space, while bringing up questions around changeability, hope, dissemination, nomadism and relationship.

In the frame of the 1st of May event (International Labour Day) their projects will interact with the market environment and will bring up issues of value and exchange in an artistic practice as much as its placement in contemporary society.

The organizers of the May Day Market also launched an open call for other projects, addressing artists and inventors to join the mini festival. Around 40 artists, creators and micro initiatives will present work concerning art in public space, micro economy and urban development.

With contributions of Klorofil/OKNO/FoAM, Collectif Anonyme, Cyclo, Ilse Ermen, Davis Freeman, Nicholas Y Galleazi, Delphine Jonas, Josworld, Heike Langsdorf, nervrec, Nicky Miller, Esteban Miraflores, Bavo Olbrechts, Ana Stegnar, Technically Normal, Elke Van Campenhout & Aude Thensiau, and many others.

When: May 1 2010 from 11am to 11pm
Where: MicroMarché, Steenhoolkaai 9 Quai à la Houille, 1000 Brussels
Program: www.mayday.micromarche.be
22 04 2010

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