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ARCHIVE 01 October 2008 - back

Toonmomenten door kunstenaars in residentie

Friday 20 Feb at 21:00
Saturday 21 Feb at 18:00

Project regie:
Jonathan Pranlas (F)
Aphane Nicholas (ZA), Brouyaux Fanny (B), Coignard Solenne (F), Dobak Stanislav (SK), Leborgne Jessica (F), Lehtovaara Veli (Fin), Michel Steven (F), Silva Maria (PT)
Decorontwerper: Seux Laurianne (F)
Kostuumontwerper: Jouffre Marion (F)
Video/ fotografie: Chloe Champion (F)
Muzikant: Martin Lopez Muro (RA)
Vri 20 Feb
...Zat 21

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Jonathan Pranlas

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A choreographic research
A collaboration between dance/ visual art / costumes which focus on some common principles as guide lines realized through the different art forms.
A piece build for the space, a site specific proposal, to analyze the demands of the architecture and to use motifs of repetition and accumulation, through dance
Project initiated and co produced by members of Collectif Borborygme
and P.A.R.T.S students.

Artistic statement :
We based our exploration from the notion of falling ; from two aspects.
The first being how a fall is simply a result of a set of physical conditions set in motion.
The other is the emotional impact the viewing of a fall can arise in a spectator.
Exploring the receptivity of individuals in group situations, and the inner organization of a group in taking group decisions as a motor for motion.
To receive and give weight to each others in falling situations and to establish trust as the foundation of a collective work.

Exploring the phenomenon of gravity as a constant need that has to be taken into consideration, where the dancer react to this need in a more pedestrian fashion, linking his experience to a more general human condition.

Collectif Borborygme
Collectif Borborygme aims on widening the choreographic creation within other arts forms, by collaborating with visual artists, photographers, videasts, costumes designers, musicians....
The principle of this collectif is to give chances for each person in each project, to be leader or collaborator and develop their own artistic statement.
The international composition of the group is for us a possibility to get into the network of the performing art world of several countries, and to allow exchange of works.
This project is part of the curriculum of the research cycle of P.A.R.T.S students, dancers and makers, year 2008/2009
19 02 2009

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