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Seconde main & Butterflies, sex, hypochondria
A project of instant composition, dance and music
proposed by Julien Bruneau
Fri 7 Sep
18:00 - 19:30

€ 5 (€ 3 members)

Brynjar Bandlien (dance) - David Bausseron (music) - Julien Bruneau (dance) - Ines Birkhan (dance) - Bertram Dhellemmes (music) - Dolores Hulan (dance) - Anouk Llaurens (dance) - Silvia Platzer (music) - Armand van den Hamer (dance) - Hugues Warin (music) - ...

During two evenings of dancers and musicians from Brussels (B), Berlin (D) and Lille (F) will present their work to the public. All of them have a serious background in arts and a common desire to explore before there is an exchange between artist and spectator.

The moment an exchange is installed between the artist and spectator, is what emphasizes the “instant composition” . As exchange is what defines this practice, just as 'life art', it is since long a fruitful source of renewed dynamics.

Every evening will be different presenting several compositions in which music and dance communicate. Both disciplines affirm their mutual autonomy, interconnect via changing relations and try to unfold the potential diversity of the group.

The event aims to become recurrent, a meeting between a public and a group of artists, gathered for this specific even. It is related directly to 'In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni', a program initiated by the company Real Dance Super Sentaï, presenting different aspects of improvisation and instant composition in dance and musique. 'In girum...' is in residence at Dock 11, Berlin (D).

On the 6th of September, ”seconde main” will be followed by an extract of ”oint.oint.”, a piece of music, dance and poetry of J. Bruneau and H. Warin. On the 7th of September it will be ”butterflies, sex, hypochondria”, an element of a serie of dance-performances of Inès Birkhan, with Silvia Platzer on the violoncello.

Photo: Raymond Mallentjer

See also: http://secondemaininstantcomposition.blogspot.com/
06 09 2007

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