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oint. oint.
Three different performances by Julien Bruneau.
When does the language create new pathways for the body ?
When does the movement discover sensitive areas tricky for our ability to formulate ?
Is that possible to contaminate the solo form with what could be called a dance monologue ?
Thu 9 Mar
...Sat 11

oint.oint. is a project concerning dance and writing. It will be developed through different residencies offering research periods and opportunities for work-in-progress showing. A completed dance performance will also occur from it.

oint.oint. wants to explore the postulate of an operative communication between the process leading to the language and the process leading to the movement. How the same perception, the same affect or concept is appearing in the body or in the speaking? How should we consider the intractable difference between dance and writing? What does that gap reveal to us about those practices and, beyond, about our tools to participate to the world?

Writing and dance will offer the opportunity to lead an investigation for which the method is the repetition. Visiting again, and again, the words, the gestures that have been articulated already. From the starting point to walk patiently in the same tracks one more time, following a cyclic pattern and being available to the differences that appear from the repetition. To discover each time new possibilities. Becoming more intimately related to the flow of instants you passed by before.

Through its relationship to the writing and through its whish to investigate by repetition oint.oint. is connected to the work of some authors interested in the literary form of the monologue. Which will provide us some specific models to look at in order to define more precisely our own way.

oint. oint. will approach mainly Samuel Beckett ( Cap au pire / Worstward Ho )
Bernard Noël ( Le syndrome de Gramsci )
Laurent Mauvignier ( Apprendre à finir).

Many other authors’ work is also concerning us despite the fact they are not writing monologues themselves: L.Wittgenstein, P.Guyotat, M.B. Kacem, M.Foucault, P. Klossowski, G.Deleuze…

oint.oint. is aimed at an audience through two different ways:
the dance performances off course,
but also some of the texts written during the process should be published, most probably in a review and / or website for poetry and contemporary literature.

A visual artist should also join the project to create and experiment specific spatial environments for some of the performances.

concept, dance, text : Julien Bruneau
dramaturgy, text : Alix de Morant
visual artist : ?

oint.oint. is in residency at Bains :: Connective (Bruxelles) in the beginining of 2006 and at Point Ephémère (Paris) in Mei 06: www.pointephemere.org
10 03 2006

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