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reflecting female bodies
Lab-OUT presentatie om 13:00

Idea, concept and choreography: Sandra Schöll
Dance: Christina Sutter, Sandra Schöll
Scenery: Rebecca Reich
Zat 9 Apr

1. Subject

1.1 Bodies that reflect cultural images of feminity
– imitation and sovereignity – how does it look from the outside?
Advertisments show the female body in recurring positions: e.g. the s-curve which emphasizes breast, hips and bottom. These pictures transfer meaning - both to the male and the female viewer: the shown body is “seductive, desirable, sexy”. The meaning of the shown bodies has a cultural background and is clear to those who live in the same culture.
As a starting point for finding movement material we use such pictures of constructed feminity.

1.2 Bodies that reflect individuality
– fragility and vulnerability – how does it feel from the inside?
The movement sequences connecting the positions of cultural images of feminity reflect the individual way of moving of the two dancers. These movements focuse on showing the fragility and vulnerability of the human female body. These sequences are different to the positions mentioned before. As there is no narrative, clear meaning to theses individual movement sequences they are able to evoke differents sensentions, feeling and associations to the audience.

1.3 False contrasts
There will be a constant change of movements reflecting feminity and movements reflecting fragility within the flow of the choreography. Positions reflecting feminity are transformed into individual movements. And individual movements will be transformed into positions of feminity. In other words: soverein movements and postions are transformed in movements which shows the fragility and vulnerability of the human – female – body.
By transforming from one to the other the spectactor’s perception will be confused because it will be difficult for him or her to tell the difference between what is an imitation of an advertisment and what is individual material. In this sense the choreography is questionning the difference of imitation and individuality. The choreography shows the effect that advertisements have on the dancers individual/ natural way of moving. It shows that a cultural way of presenting the female body in magazines has an effect on the dancer’s body.

2. Intention
First, the spectators are invited to let themselves go with the flow allow of sensations, feelings, associations and images emerging while watching the two dancers. Second, the spectators are invited to get aware of the false contrast between bodies that reflect feminity and bodies that reflect individuality.
The piece reflects the power and influence that advertisements of the female body have on a dancer’s body and her individual way of moving.
06 02 2005

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