Thematics Residency: LaZone


Duration: September 6 till October 23 2010

Artists in residence: Varinia Canto Vila, Frederic de Wilde, Alain Franco, Isabelle Pauwelyn.

Introduction by Lilia Mestre:

This Thematics residency was organized in collaboration with Elke Van Campenhout in the frame of a.rc (advanced research centre)/a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies). Together we invited artists and created a program that could, in a performative way, enhance and question the undetermined spaces and places we called LaZone. During the two months of research we worked on supporting the conditions for the emergence of ‘relational forms’ in contemporary art and society. We considered the state of ‘not knowing yet’ as an essential motor in redefining relationships, protocols, connections, allowing us to re-invent the present and the visible. The ‘not knowing yet’ appeared to us as an area of potentiality, a place that would unfold and manifest changeability.

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