Thematics residency: DO IT YOURSELF


Duration: April 4 till May 31 2010

Artists in residence: Heike Langsdorf / radical _hope, Elke Van Campenhout and aude Thensiau, Bavo Obrecht, NG, Nicolas y Galeazzy and Joel Verwimp

Introduction by Coralie Stalberg:

We can currently observe a multiplication in the number of artistic works experimenting with DIY approaches.

Bains Connective decided to dedicate a pluridisciplinary residency to this theme, in order to explore in depth what DIY ethics in art consist of. What are the questions that these practices confront us with, what are its tools for criticism and the aesthetic forms it proposes? To which position does it ultimately lead? Among the artists whose work refers to DIY philosophy, we can perceive a constellation of approaches, a diversity to which this residency wishes to respond by bringing together creators committed to very singular trajectories.

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